Tips and Tricks for Google

In the advance power searching with Google study, there were a few cool  tricks to find relevant information fast.

  1. One was google scholar, this allowed to search through research articles and books to find cited, scholarly information about a subject. How to access it is simple. Look up google scholar and it will be the first link. This could be a very useful tool when doing research for a paper.
  2. Another trick was verbatim and double quote. Verbatim is a tool that can do what the double quotes do, while also narrowing the search. Verbatim removes any of the “near by” items that may pull up while searching. It also tells that the phrase you typed is what you are looking for and it won’t throw in it’s suggestions. This could be useful when having to find a specific quote from a book you can’t remember. Simply type in the phrase in quotes, go to the tools option, select verbatim mode and see the book whose name you’ve forgotten.
  3. Something that I thought was pretty cool was that google will allow you to search through the google interface of other countries(fun fact, the google address changes). To do this, instead of typing in, you would type in something like and that would allow you to search through information in India. This would be useful if you were trying to get news about a topic from a different perspective.
  4. While most people know how to filter image searches by color, it’s also possible to go much further down that searching rabbit hole. To do this, you simply need to pull up your settings menu and click on advance search, this allows you to go into more specifics. Say there’s a quote that goes with a particular photo, or you wanted a landscape shot from a particular region of the world. You could use these settings to help you find those photos.
  5. The last thing I want to share is by far the most important. It is the usage label search filter and it allow you to find images through google that are available for commercial use. To use it, you simply pull up your advance search image options and you then go all the way to the bottom to find usage. There you should be able to select the kind of usage you want out of an image and update your search. I say this is the most important because if you were wanting to make a banner for a webpage, you would need to either get right to the image, or find one that is free to use. Using this tool, google can help do that.


Web Based Service

We were told to review our favorite web based service and give a report about its usefulness. A web based service that I use more than I would like to admit is Netflix. There are some good things about Netflix. One good thing about Netflix is it’s cost versus what you get in return. It costs less than a movie ticket and you’re given unlimited access to a giant library of movies and tv shows. It’s also very easy to access, just put in an email and password and have thousands of movies ready for your viewing pleasure. However, all is not perfect. One bad thing about Netflix, if you have a data cap (limited data usage) then you won’t be able to watch very much. It uses a large chunk of data to stream movies from Netflix, and if you only have a certain amount of Gigabytes per month, you’d go through them very quickly. Netflix can impact the way you work, however, it’s in a negative way. You can easily get hooked on a tv show and spend hours watching it instead of just watching one episode. While Netflix is a wonderful tool to get all of the movies you want, it has its faults.

Active Listening

In class Monday, we discussed active listening. Since I had speech last year, I had a good idea of what it was and how important it is. Active listening allows the person speaking to feel like they really are being listened to and feel more comfortable speaking. While the listener is able to make a connection and able to understand the topic. This is very effective in a business setting because it allows for a stronger connection with who is speaking and a comfortable environment.

Time management

For the first assignment, we had to plan out our day and try to keep up with it. In all honesty, it messed with my day a bit. I normally don’t have a schedule, and when I tried to throw one into my routine, it really messed with my day. I really didn’t keep to it because I didn’t give myself enough time to do everything.

As for the activity we did Tuesday, something Robert said really stuck with me. “Give yourself enough time to do a job. It’s better to have a lot of time and be done early than to try and turn in late.” Give yourself enough time to do a job when you don’t really know what you’re getting into.



Everyone here has played a video game of some sort. They’re a huge part of our society now. We have huge conventions just for them, and even larger competitions with the prizes ending in a lot of zero’s. Video games are around us everyday, but there is still controversy surrounding them. The question our parents have asked since we started playing video games; are these games too violent?

I admit, some games can be brutal. Mortal Kombat for example, is the reason the ESRB is around now. I do believe that games can be over the top with violence, however, I don’t believe that games cause the people who play it to do violent actions.

For years, parents have said that the video games their children play cause their children to commit violent actions. However, in every court case against video game companies, the courts have sided with the companies because there is no proof that video games have a direct link to violent actions in children. While the images in video games may scar children, they do not cause them to commit those same actions, and when violent actions are done, the child in those cases has a type of mental health issue.

And so, it is my belief that video games do not cause children to commit violent actions. It is, in my opinion, the fault of the parents of these children for not knowing their child well enough to know that a certain game may scar them in some way, or that the parents have not taught their children the difference between right and wrong.

Ethics 2200 HW7proj

In conclusion, I believe that video games are not the cause for violent actions in children. While video games may show kids violent actions, there other reasons that cause children to go through with those violent actions. Other mental health issues are the main reasons that children commit violent actions. When parents complain, saying that video games cause their children to be violent, I believe that to be untrue. My belief is that there are multiple mental health issues that cause these children to act out violent actions. It is a parents job to regulate what their children watch and play. If it isn’t regulated, then a young child could be exposed to horrifying things that would scar them for life. It is my belief that parents should be responsible for this. Not accusing the video game company, but watching what their child plays and making sure it’s age appropriate. It is wrong to blame a company that gives full warning to buyers when the game is purchased. Instead, parents should research the games their child wants. If there is nothing too violent for them, then it should be fine to get. However, if the parent sees too much violence or things of a similar nature then the parent can decide not to buy the game. It is, in my opinion, that simple. The game companies give every warning to people buying their games about what is in them. Video games may contain the violent actions, but there is no proof that video games cause children to commit violent actions. Courts side with video game companies in cases because there is no actual proof that video games are the cause for violent actions. Cases involving games and child violence have been happening since arcade games were a big thing, and the decision from the court has always been the same.