Space X Dragon Project

So, for this project I decided to make a multiple page site to put all the content in. It worked well, I couldn’t quite get my colors how I wanted them but it still looks good. I worked on changing my banner from the feedback, and I made one I enjoy. For my next site though, I think I may try a single page with anchor points. I’m getting a bit tired of the standard multi-page layout. Something new to try I guess.


Reflective Practice

  1. A situation with a friend a few years ago could have ended better. We were friends for a very long time and we ended up losing that friendship after this situation.
  2. We ended up getting into a heated argument about how we had both been acting towards one another. It happened about a year and a half ago and neither of us have talked since.
  3. In truth, I behaved terribly. We had both been arguing for almost an entire week and we were both very angry. I lost my patients and said some hurtful things, which led to them saying hurtful things. I’ve learned I don’t need to lose my patients so easily.
  4. The outcome was both expected and unexpected. I knew there would be a fight, but the severity still caught me off guard. If we both had just taken a breath and calmly talked things out, we might still be friends.
  5. Knowing what I know now, I could be calm about the situation. The issue this all started over was foolish and if I knew what I know now, we may still be friends. I know now to just breath and not lose my cool. Talk things out and understand both sides of the story.

Peer Site Review

Last week, we partnered up with someone else in class and looked over each others websites. It was nice seeing someone else’s ideas on how to conquer this project. We also had to give feedback, which I found super helpful. I found out what I could do to make my site look better and some cool tricks to try out.

Space Survival Activity

In class a few weeks ago we were given a scenario. You’re stranded in space, and your has to decide on the objects that are most needed. It was pretty cool. I felt comfortable enough in my group to voice my opinions. Everyone was able to voice their thoughts, which was awesome. It helped show us how groups should work, everyone able to speak without getting shot down by other members.

Tips and Tricks for Google

In the advance power searching with Google study, there were a few cool  tricks to find relevant information fast.

  1. One was google scholar, this allowed to search through research articles and books to find cited, scholarly information about a subject. How to access it is simple. Look up google scholar and it will be the first link. This could be a very useful tool when doing research for a paper.
  2. Another trick was verbatim and double quote. Verbatim is a tool that can do what the double quotes do, while also narrowing the search. Verbatim removes any of the “near by” items that may pull up while searching. It also tells that the phrase you typed is what you are looking for and it won’t throw in it’s suggestions. This could be useful when having to find a specific quote from a book you can’t remember. Simply type in the phrase in quotes, go to the tools option, select verbatim mode and see the book whose name you’ve forgotten.
  3. Something that I thought was pretty cool was that google will allow you to search through the google interface of other countries(fun fact, the google address changes). To do this, instead of typing in, you would type in something like and that would allow you to search through information in India. This would be useful if you were trying to get news about a topic from a different perspective.
  4. While most people know how to filter image searches by color, it’s also possible to go much further down that searching rabbit hole. To do this, you simply need to pull up your settings menu and click on advance search, this allows you to go into more specifics. Say there’s a quote that goes with a particular photo, or you wanted a landscape shot from a particular region of the world. You could use these settings to help you find those photos.
  5. The last thing I want to share is by far the most important. It is the usage label search filter and it allow you to find images through google that are available for commercial use. To use it, you simply pull up your advance search image options and you then go all the way to the bottom to find usage. There you should be able to select the kind of usage you want out of an image and update your search. I say this is the most important because if you were wanting to make a banner for a webpage, you would need to either get right to the image, or find one that is free to use. Using this tool, google can help do that.


Web Based Service

We were told to review our favorite web based service and give a report about its usefulness. A web based service that I use more than I would like to admit is Netflix. There are some good things about Netflix. One good thing about Netflix is it’s cost versus what you get in return. It costs less than a movie ticket and you’re given unlimited access to a giant library of movies and tv shows. It’s also very easy to access, just put in an email and password and have thousands of movies ready for your viewing pleasure. However, all is not perfect. One bad thing about Netflix, if you have a data cap (limited data usage) then you won’t be able to watch very much. It uses a large chunk of data to stream movies from Netflix, and if you only have a certain amount of Gigabytes per month, you’d go through them very quickly. Netflix can impact the way you work, however, it’s in a negative way. You can easily get hooked on a tv show and spend hours watching it instead of just watching one episode. While Netflix is a wonderful tool to get all of the movies you want, it has its faults.